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GM Spriter
« on: March 26, 2012, 10:49:25 AM »
Title: GM Spriter
Dev Tool: c# VS 2010
Language: English
Requirements: Windows, .net 2.0

GM Spriter is a tool developed to compliment the Windows version of Game Maker Providing an environment to edit sprites in a modular fashion. Traditionally, when sprite resources are made for Game Maker they are often compiled from smaller sprites, making up the various graphical states of an object. For games that are not very resource intensive this isn't much of a problem. However, massive games will often place their resources externally from the project to save on game loading times and system memory.

What GM Spriter attempts to do is give custom scripts based on building a sprite from pieces. Similar to what large gaming companies like Nintendo, Sega, and Sony have done in the past with 2D styled games. Instead of having a pre-combined sprite it would be assembled together by copying parts of a small sprite sheet and then drawing those parts to the screen in real time to make one complete sprite. (A technique commonly referred to as blitting)

The benefits of using this sort of system is that the overall memory footprint of your game would be smaller, because you are using a small single sprite to render potentially hundreds of sprites. This would also make load times faster. Sprites that once would be considered for external use only, could be integrated within the game executable.

Features of GM Spriter:
* Can hold a collection of sprites that can be saved and edited.
* Sprites have Name, Origin, Action, Width and Height properties.
* Set each sprite's origin via the main toolbar, as well as hiding/showing the origin.
* Sprites can be moved, inserted, deleted, and duplicated.
* A sprite can copy a custom script to the clipboard detailing how to render the sprite's pieces in Game Maker.
* The script can be customized by editing the project script prototypes, and using tokens for values within your custom script.
* You can assign a reference sprite that is shown behind the sprite you are assembling in an onion skin fashion. The brightness of the reference sprite can be controlled to offset it from the sprite being edited.
* A reference sprite can be imported from an existing Game Maker project. (GM5-8.1)
* A reference sprite can be hidden, and it's sub-images can be cycled through.
* A collection of reference sprites can be edited. They can be moved, added, renamed, and deleted within the project.
* Every sub-image can have an image speed value assigned to them.
* You can move, insert, delete, copy, and paste sub-images. As well as play the animation.
* Every sub-image has a collection of parts that have a name, position, copy rectangle, and two dimensional scaling factors.
* Every part's visibility can be switched on or off using the parts check box.
* You can move, flip horizontally, flip vertically, insert, rename, show, and delete parts, as well as hide all parts via the parts toggle button.
* You can also make non-selected parts semi-transparent.
* You can magnify the sprite editor from 100% to 200% or 400%,
* Edit a collection of sprites that are used a sprite sheets to blit from. The sheet pallet can also be magnified by two times it's standard size.

- Video coming within a week or so